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Dr.Vishruti Parth Manek

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Basics Revisited - Clinical Anatomy for Successful Dental Implant Treatment.


The in dept knowledge of Anatomy is of utmost importance before actual planning and placement of implant. Proficient knowledge of oral Anatomy is needed to provide effective implant dentistry. A thorough knowledge of Anatomy will give implant surgeon confidence in placing implants with safety and dealing with complications. Anatomical knowledge is vital not only for safe and successful execution of surgical procedure but also for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Good knowledge of vital structures will help in making proper treatment plan and prosthetic procedures planning easy prior to implant placement. During treatment planning certain clinical landmarks and boundaries must be respected. The Anatomy also requisites to the understanding complications that inadvertently occur during surgery such as injury to blood vessels or nerves as well as post operative complications such as infections. Complications can be avoided by proper assessment of ridge morphology and relevant structures before implant surgery. If we know them well we could stay away from them by proper incision designs, flap management and osteotomies. A detailed knowledge of dynamic anatomy is essential to enlightened Implant Clinical Practice.

What will Audience Learn from session?

  • To understand the importance of surgical anatomy in relation to the practice of implant dentistry
  • To avoid surgical complications related to the anatomy of the maxilla and mandible.
  • To appreciate the critical importance of pre-operative and post-operative assessment for the success of implant therapy.
  • Important Anatomical landmark which many clinicians are unaware of and its clinical significance during surgical and prosthetic phase of implant.

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