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Dr.Vijendra P.Singh

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Osseodensification - Myth or Reality ?


Primary stability of a dental implant is a fundamental factor for achieving successful osseointegration. Surgical procedure and bone quality and quantity at implant site placement are among the most common factors that affect primary stability. Maintaining sufficient bone density is essential to achieve the necessary bone-to-implant contact for obtaining a biomechanical stability. Osseodensification is a relatively newer concept that aims at bone preservation utilizing the collection of autogenous bone with non-subtractive drilling within the implant site via the compaction of cancellous bone. Unlike conventional osteotomy, osseodensification does not excavate bone but simultaneously compacts and autografts the particulate bone in an outward direction to create the osteotomy, thereby preserving vital bone tissue and increasing both quantity and density of the periimplant bone. The utilization of specialized drills (Densah burs) helps through improved osteotomy preparation, bone densification, crestal sinus lift and achieve bone expansion at different sites of varying bone densities. This procedure has also shown improvement in achieving better implant primary stability then conventional implant drills.

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