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Dr.Syed Atiqur Rahman

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Success vs Survival of dental implants


Success and survival rates of endosseous implants are well-documented in a number of controlled clinical trials and systematic reviews. Numerous factors including experienced clinicians, specialized clinics, restricted inclusion and exclusion criteria, specific indications, and increased time spent during follow-up, may affect or even bias the results, outcomes, or reported implant success and survival rates. Meta-analysis of multiple studies indicated an estimated survival of implants supporting FDPs of 95.6% after 5 years and 93.1% after 10 years. When machined surface implants were excluded from the analysis and only rough surface implants included, the survival rate increased to 97.2% after 5 years. The survival rate of implant‐supported FDPs was 95.4% after 5 years and 80.1% after 10 years of function. However In literature, 'implant survival' and 'implant success' have different and distinct meanings. These two definitions are sometimes misused. Misunderstanding leads to implant failure or just a survival. The reason for many dental implant mistakes is due to the fact that implant dentistry was not a part of the dental school curriculum of vast majority of dentists in practice today.

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