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Dr.Sundaram Rajaram

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CBCT in Dental Implantology


Implant placement for missing teeth is an interesting field of dentistry where Cone beam computed tomogram (CBCT) is a significant advancement in the field of dentistry. With relevance to Oral Implantology, the CBCT holds a great value as a tool of investigation that allows the operator to place the implants in the appropriate position. The radiographs that we routinely use for the dental and periodontal hard tissue investigation would give a volume of details when done appropriately. The CBCT brings in accuracy along with the radiological details making it a valuable investigative modality. The placement of Implant is a technique sensitive procedure and assessment of each millimetre of bone is needed for the implant to be successful. Respecting the anatomical boundaries like mandibular canal, Maxillary Sinus, Nasal cavity, requires a careful and accurate assessment of the Maxillofacial anatomy. The CBCT also helps in the concept of Prosthetically driven Implantology which helps assess the operator the future prosthesis and the position of implants which saves everyone from the prosthetic mishaps. The geometric accuracy of the device is also utilised in studying the anatomical relationship between the future implant and the hard tissues. The CBCT can be used for preparing surgical guides. The post implant assessment by a CBCT gives a perfect idea of the implant placement and the prognosis of the implant. The advent of CBCT is revolutionising the field of Implant Dentistry thereby making it a successful analytical tool for assessment.


  • General idea about radiographs and CBCT
  • How to identify the radiographic features and the radiographic shortcomings
  • When to go for a CBCT
  • How to prepare a patient for CBCT
  • How to analyse a CBCT
  • How to arrive at a treatment planning based on CBCT.

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