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Dr.Sreedevi Nambiar M

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Solutions of atrophic alveolar ridges


The most frequently encountered cases of partial edentulism are those with missing posterior dentition. These patients may also be the most difficult to treat with implants because of the presence of maxillary sinus and inferior alveolar nerve. This review article highlights on various options for the placement of implants in severely resorbed ridges. Those include implant placement in anatomical buttresses, Short implants, Basal implants, treatment with grafts and with some bone modifications. Understanding these concepts will aid in better selection of the type of implants and management of other consequences faced in severely resorbed ridges.

What will audience learn from the session?

  • Finding possibilities in the impossible
  • How to select implants in atrophic alveolar ridges
  • How to manage the various consequences faced during implant placement in severely resorbed ridges
  • How to combine 2 or 3 techniques for better prognosis in certain cases

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