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Dr.Shallen Verma

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Circumventing dental Implant failures: Tips and Tricks


Given the exponential volume of implants placed in patients it becomes pertinent to be well equipped in handling the complications leading to implant failures associated post placement. The application of knowledge and technology can increase the success rate of implants and can help in effectively managing the future complications. Implant failures, although not very common can be labelled early or late .The majority of problems that can arise in an implant treatment are complications or iatrogenic errors, and are a consequence of an inadequate indication, poor quality or quantity of bone, an erroneous surgical technique, infections, lack of oral hygiene, smoking habit, systemic diseases that were poorly controlled, etc. Failures of implants can occur once they are loaded and osseo integrated, have developed an acceptable masticatory function and are the consequence of loss of bone support derived from a Peri implantitis produced by the presence of bacterial plaque and/or occlusal overload. This presentation aims to provide tips how to avoid imminent implant failures and to how to approach and manage various cases, on one to one basis and to ensure long term success.

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