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Dr.Sachin lodha

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Electro welded Implantology next step in the advancement of cortical Implantology


Syncrystallization i.e welding of implants with titanium wires is slowly going popularity with cortical as well as conventional implantologists. As the demand for immediate loading is increasing amongst patients well as clinicians, the most easy & convenient approach for it is syncrystallization of implants immediate after their placement. It reduces the dependence on rigid metal framework for splinting of implants, thus the lab work time and dependence is considerably reduced. The prosthesis can be delivered easily in just 24 hours. With the availability of new generation Welders, now it is increasingly becoming popular method for providing immediate provisional prosthesis.


  • Technique of syncrystallization intra orally.
  • How to incorporate in daily practice.
  • How to make impression and procedures to fabricate prosthesis on welded abutments intra orally.
  • Advantage of welded arch over metal framework.
  • How to change the provisional prosthesis of welded arch to permanent prosthesis.

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