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Dr.Prafulla Thumati

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Digital analysis of Occlusion using T-scan & EMG in Dental Implantology


The relative occlusal force and real-time occlusal contact timing data provided by the T-Scan technology (digital analysis of Occlusion) can be used to manage the occlusal force design of implant prostheses, as their long-term survivability is tied directly to their installed occlusal function. This presentation discusses how in daily dental practice clinicians spend a great deal of time making corrective occlusal adjustments using solely articulating paper as their intended guide. However, current research shows that articulating paper markings do not measure occlusal force, such that implant occlusal force control is compromised, which can lead to peri-implant tissue loss, breakage of implant restorative components, and de-osseointegration. However, by using the T-Scan technology, the clinician eliminates the subjectivity involved in using subjective methods like articulating paper ensuring the occlusal design of newly installed implant prostheses are optimal improving prosthesis longevity. Examples are presented of how T-Scan force and time data can aid in implant restoration occlusal force control.

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