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Dr.Mohd Zeeshan

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Diagnosis and treatment planning of dental implant


Dental implant therapy has dramatically expanded the treatment options available for both the partially and completely edentulous patients. The long term prognosis of an implant restoration depends on meticulous care taken in the diagnosis and the treatment planning for the patient. A systemic approach to patient assessment is required. It is carried out in a very similar way to any assessment of a patient needing dental treatment. Suitable patients education about the benefits of dental implants, motivation and also persuasion to undergo implant therapy is important. So it is important that the general physical condition of a patient is checked accurately in order to obtain on overall health assessment. Initial data gathered on each patient should include medical history, dental history, radiographic study, study cast and photographs all essential in treatment planning. Therefore communication during all phases of treatment is critical. The patient must be viewed in totality, and the end result visualized prior to surgery. This "reverse approach" means that the anticipated prosthetic result should be determined prior to surgery. Implant therapy is clearly an exciting technique and has fixed the imagination of many dentists and researchers. That's why a well planned treatment planning and diagnosis is must required for implant success.

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