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Zygomatic Implants : Mig Protocols


Minimally Invasive Guided ( MIG ) Protocols in Zygomatic Implantology

Presenter : Prof Dr Johnson Raja James

Zygomatic implants are used to rehabilitate partial and fully edentulous patients with advanced degrees of atrophic bone. Zygomatic implants , for the past 20 years , have served as a predictable and safe alternative treatment modality for the complex reconstruction of bones in the maxillary jaw, exhibiting a high percentage of success. The Zygomatic implant to traverse from the maxillary alveolar crestal region to the zygoma and the precise trajectory is important to gain maximum BIC in the zygoma and at the same time avoid vital anatomic structures such as the the orbital floor, infraorbital nerve, or the vascular content of the infratemporal fossa. The presurgical anatomic assessment to define the desired zygomatic implant positions cannot be performed using panoramic radiograph or computed tomography (CT) 2-dimensional (2D) images, but requires a 3-dimensional (3D) view of the maxillary arch.

The Minimally Invasive Guided Protocols for Zygomatic Implants is based on four concepts :

  • Total Digital Preoperative Planning
  • Minimally Invasive Flap Design
  • Implants under Local Anaesthesia
  • Guided Implant placement ( Partially Or Fully Guided )

Ideally, planning for the insertion of zygomatic implants can be accomplished with either CT and analysed with interactive treatment planning software. Once a Guided stent is prepared the flap elevation can be minimal . It allows implant placement in a much precise manner allowing the procedure to be done in a much shorter period of time under Local anaesthesia itself as a Day care procedure . This presentation will present the complete details of how you can adapt the MIG protocols in Zygomatic Implantology in your practise

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