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Dr.Himanshu Aeran

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Occlusion in dental implants


Determining an occlusal scheme for the restoration of implants requires careful consideration. This stem from the fact that after osseointegration, mechanical stresses beyond the physical limits of hard tissues have been suggested as the primary cause of initial and long term bone loss around implants. Occlusal overload is often regarded as one of the main causes of peri-implant bone loss and the various consequences that can be encountered are implant failure, early crestal bone loss, screw loosening, uncemented restorations, component failure, porcelain fracture, prosthesis fracture, and peri-implant diseases. This crestal bone loss, even leads to increasing the anaerobic sulcus depth and causing peri-implant disease .A poor selection of occlusal scheme can lead to biological and mechanical complications. An IPO scheme addresses several conditions to minimize overload on bone/implant interfaces and implant prosthesis, thus restricting implant loads with physiological limits. The guidelines need to be implemented in specific conditions to decrease stresses and develop an occlusal scheme to allow the restoration to function in harmony with the rest of the stomatognathic system and to maximize the longevity of the implants and prosthesis. It can be rightly said that occlusion is a determining factor for implant success in the long term.

What will audience learn from the session?

  • Significance of occlusion on osseointegrated implants.
  • Occlusal goals for dental implantology.
  • Implant protected occlusion.
  • Occlusal Schemes in implantology.
  • Occlusal adjustments in implant supported prosthesis.

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