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Dr.Hemang Zala

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Short Dental Implants


Dental Implantology is one of the most dynamic topics in the clinical dentistry today. Implants are broadly used for oral rehabilitation in patients who are partially or completely edentulous. The impetus is on simplifying thetreatment to make it more acceptable to both the patientand clinician. Patients with particularly limited vertical bone height, conventional implant placement becomes extensive as augmentation procedures are requiredwhich results into greater morbidity of the site, longer overall rehabilitation time and higher costs. Short dental implant placement appears to be one of the viable, simple and predictable alternative techniques to avoid advanced surgical procedures in cases with anatomical barriers and lack of bone availability. With the improvements in the micro and macro geometry of implants, which increase the bone implant contact and use of adapted surgical prosthetic protocols, short dental implants have evolved into a promising and reliable treatment option with similar survival rates as that of regular implants and satisfactorily high prognosis and patient needs.

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