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Dr.Ashish Gupta

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Diabetes and Dental Implants - Evidence based approach


Dental implants are a reliable and well established option for the treatment of complete and partial edentulism and have been associated with high survival rates. One of the key factors for the success of implant therapy is appropriate patient selection which indicates that, like for all surgical procedures, a thorough medical history should be carefully registered.

  • The critical dependence on bone metabolism for implant survival leads us to evaluation of certain risk factors.
  • One of the controversial discussed diseases is diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is no contraindication for implant placement, on condition that it remains under metabolic control.

Audience will understand

  • Selection and treatment protocol
  • Special considerations for the placement of implants in diabetic patient.
  • Pre-operative antibiotic therapy
  • All possible measures taken to reduce the percentage of failures in diabetic patients.

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