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Dr.Aishwarya Kadu

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Partial extraction therapy : a novel technique in management of immediate dental implants placement in Esthetic zone


Immediate Implant placement is becoming a popular treatment modality of modern day implant dentistry. Implant placement in esthetic zone requires a precise treatment planning and execution of surgery. The main challenge for the clinician has been the preservation of the residual alveolar bone and prevention of its resorption following the removal of tooth in esthetic zone. Bucco-palatal collapse of the post extraction ridge is the significant challenge to restorative and implant dentistry. The resorption of alveolar ridge commences immediately post-extraction, is more pronounce on buccal aspect, plateaus after 3 months of healing & may result in as much as 56% loss of residual ridge. Various surgical procedures such as GBR has been advocated to preserve alveolar ridge which is time consuming and staged approach. Clinical studies have suggested that retaining roots of unrestorable teeth may avoid tissue alterations after tooth extraction. Therefore, the objective of this partial extraction therapy is to assess a partial root retention in combination with immediate implant placement and beneath pontic sites. PET technique has been convenient and predictable approach for avoiding alveolar ridge resorption.

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